Disable monitoring

In order to disable monitoring for a server that had monitoring enabled, enter the server's page on mist.io and press Disable by clicking on the ... button on the top of the monitoring section. 

Mist.io installs the collectd open source agent at /opt/mistio-collectd with conf files and a script to start/stop the service. It also adds an entry on /etc/cron.d/mistio-collectd for the daemon to autostart after system reboots. 

If you have an SSH key associated with the server, Mist.io will try to connect to the server and stop collectd, remove /opt/mistio-collectd and the crontab entry. If you haven't associated an SSH key to the server, then you have to perform these steps manually. 

1) Stop mist.io collectd by doing:

root@monitor:~# /opt/mistio-collectd/collectd.sh stop
 PID TTY          TIME CMD
29167 ?        00:01:28 collectd
Stopping mist.io collectd
root@monitor:~# ps aux|grep collectd
root     30562  0.0  0.1   7832   880 pts/0    S+   10:28   0:00 grep collectd

2) Remove /opt/mistio-collectd dir  and the cron file from /etc/cron.d/mistio-collectd

root@monitor:~# rm -r /opt/mistio-collectd/
root@monitor:~# rm /etc/cron.d/mistio-collectd

3) Finally, you can optionally remove collectd, eg on Debian

root@monitor:~# dpkg -l|grep collectd
ii  collectd                           5.1.0-3                       amd64        statistics collection and monitoring daemon
ii  collectd-core                      5.1.0-3                       amd64        statistics collection and monitoring daemon (core system)
root@monitor:~# apt-get remove collectd

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