Mist CLI is a command line interface (written in Python) that enables you to perform most tasks you would perform through mist.io's dashboard. It utilizes mist.io's REST API and it aims to be a highly efficient way to automate things.


There are two ways to install mist client, either through python pypi (as python package), or via it's Github repository. Installing through github is more suitable for dev usage, and in order to be able to push changes to your local repository or the main one.

Install from pypi

Installing through pypi inside a virtualenv is the quickest and easiest way you can use to install the client. Virtualenv is recommended in order to protect from python lib dependencies issues.

Just create a virtualenv and install mist client inside

user@user:~/Desktop/PROGRAMMING$ virtualenv mist.client
New python executable in mist.client/bin/python
user@user:~/Desktop/PROGRAMMING$ cd mist.client/
user@user:~/Desktop/PROGRAMMING/mist.client$ ./bin/pip install mist

This will install mist client inside the virtualenv. If you wish to update in future, you can do it through pip install --upgrade

user@user:~/Desktop/PROGRAMMING/mist.client$ ./bin/pip install --upgrade mist

Install through Github

Just clone the repository in https://github.com/mistio/mist.client/ and run the command ./bin/python setup.py develop

user@user:~/Desktop/PROGRAMMING$ git clone https://github.com/mistio/mist.client/ mist.client.dev
user@user:~/Desktop/PROGRAMMING$  cd mist.client.dev
user@user:~/Desktop/PROGRAMMING$  virtualenv .
user@user:~/Desktop/PROGRAMMING/mist.client.dev$ ./bin/python setup.py develop

If you wish to stay up to date, you can always use git pull

user@user:~/Desktop/PROGRAMMING/mist.client.dev$ git pull
user@user:~/Desktop/PROGRAMMING/mist.client.dev$ ./bin/python setup.py develop

Now that you have installed the client, time to start using it!

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