Overview is not only offered as  SaaS but also as an open source software component for standalone installations, so that organizations and engineers can manage their infrastructure internally.

The open source version contains most of the cloud related functionality offered on the Saas version. This is

  • VM listing, with status, ips, metadata
  • VM actions and new VM deployment
  • Scripts, Keys, Networks, DNS
  • Cost analysis 
  • Web shell
  • User support, team support

Features that are provided on the Saas version only are

  • VM monitoring and alerting
  • RBAC - Role Based Access Control.
  • VPN
  • Cloud insights 

To install please check hardware specs, system dependencies and details on . The installation is based on docker and docker-compose and provided that your server meets hardware specs, open source will be installed in a few minutes using 3-4 commands. 

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