Maxihost is a provider of on-demand bare metal servers. Maxihost is based in Brazil and serves a wide range of global companies like Riot Games, Algolia, Zoho and more. 

To connect your Maxihost account to Mist, you need to:

  1. Get an API access token from your Maxihost account.
  2. Add a Maxihost cloud in Mist, using the token above.

1. Get token from Maxihost

Login to your Maxihost account and go to the API section. If you don't have an API acces token, create one and give it "Read" and "Write" scope. Then copy the token.

2. Add cloud in Mist

With the token available, sign in your Mist account. Click the add cloud button and paste the token. When ready, click "ADD CLOUD" and you are ready to go.

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