Equinix Metal

Mist helps you manage infrastructure on any number of Equinix Metal organizations and projects alongside other supported clouds.

Specifically for Equnix Metal, with Mist you can:
  • View your servers and their metadata, e.g. IP, price, state etc.
  • Start, stop, reboot and delete servers.
  • Create new on demand servers.

You can also leverage features that are common to all our supported clouds, e.g. tags, ownership, expiration dates, cost quotas, RBAC, shell, scripts, orchestration, monitoring, rules, audit logs etc.

Getting started

Adding Equinix Metal cloud to Mist

To get started with Equinix Metal in Mist, you first need to find your API key.

Equinix Metal offers two types of API keys, one for specific projects and one for specific team members.

  • The project API key allows you to manage resources in a specific project. To get one, go to "Project settings" and then "API keys".
  • The personal API key allows you to manage resources, across projects, where this person has access to. To get one, click on your avatar at the top right and then go to the "API keys" section.

In both cases it is recommended to set permissions to read/write so you are able to perform more actions through Mist.

With the API key at hand:

  1. Log in Mist.
  2. Go to Mist's add cloud form at https://mist.io/clouds/+add and click the Equinix Metal logo.
  3. Type a name for your cloud and put your API key in the fields that appear at the bottom.
  4. Optionally, you can type in a project name. This is useful only when using a personal API key with access to multiple projects. By setting a project name, new resources will be provisioned in the project you defined. If nothing is set, then Mist will provision new resources in the first available project.
  5. Click the "ADD CLOUD" button and you are ready to go.

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