Getting Started

Instructions, documentation, and basic information.

4 articles

Adding Clouds, Bare-Metal, and Containers.

How to add public and/or private clouds, KVM hypervisors, Docker, and CoreOS engines

20 articles

Cost Management and Reduction

Instructions and tips for using the cost reporting features to manage cloud spend.

6 articles

Role Based Access Control

Instructions for how to use RBAC across your public and private clouds.

4 articles


Instructions for provisioning and scaling a Kubernetes cluster.

3 articles

Docker Containers

1 article


Instructions for how to use's hybrid Cloud tagging feature.

4 articles

Monitoring and Alerting

Setup monitoring for your Linux and Windows servers, create metrics and enable alerts

12 articles

Self-Service Provisioning

Instructions for setting up self-service provisioning for multi and hybrid clouds.

1 article

SSH keys

Import existing ssh keys or generate new ones and connect to your machines.

3 articles

Bare-Metal Servers

Documentation for using with bare-metal servers.

1 article

Executable Scripts

Create or import shell scripts run them on your servers

1 article

Cloud Scheduler

Instructions for using the Cloud Scheduler to scheduled tasks across clouds.

2 articles

Workflow Automation

1 article

Ansible Playbooks

Instructions for using Ansible Playbooks on

1 article

Virtual Private Networks

Instructions for how to connect to private networks.

1 article


Frequently asked questions and answers regarding the service

4 articles

Developers Command Line Client (CLI)

Work with from your command line

2 articles


Explore the powerful REST API, learn how to authenticate and get started making calls

3 articles

Open Source

Install your standalone installation of for maximum flexibility

2 articles

Misc guides

Manage your Docker engine,KVM installation, maintain your ansible playbooks etc

2 articles